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Electrical Services

At Orbit Electrical Toronto, our commitment to excellence shines through in every electrical service we provide. Whether you're in need of routine maintenance, wiring upgrades, or emergency repairs, our skilled electricians are equipped to handle it all. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your electrical systems are in top-notch condition.

Response Team

When electrical issues strike, time is of the essence. That's why Orbit Electrical Toronto takes pride in our swift and responsive team of experts. Our 24/7 emergency response team is always ready to tackle urgent electrical problems. With a rapid deployment system and advanced diagnostic tools, we ensure a prompt and effective resolution to any electrical emergency.

Vehicle Charging

Embrace the future of transportation with Orbit Electrical's cutting-edge vehicle charging solutions. Our expertise extends to the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations. Whether you're a homeowner looking to charge your electric vehicle conveniently or a business aiming to support green initiatives, we have the know-how to create efficient and reliable charging infrastructure.

About Us

Bringing light to your home, one wire at a time.

Illuminate your space with Orbit Electrical Toronto, where expertise meets excellence in every wire we install. Our dedicated team is on a mission to brighten your home and enhance your electrical experience. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We bring light to your home with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and efficient electrical system.
  • Orbit Electrical is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, offering innovative solutions that cater to the demands of modern living.
  • From smart lighting installations to energy-efficient wiring, we transform your home into a beacon of contemporary comfort.
  • We understand the importance of timely and reliable electrical work. At Orbit Electrical, we prioritize punctuality and ensure that each wire we install contributes to a well-lit, safe, and functional home.
  • Trust us to bring not just light, but also reliability into every corner of your living space.
Professional Team

Orbit Electrical's seasoned professionals bring expertise and precision to every project, ensuring top-tier electrical solutions with a focus on safety and customer satisfaction.

Quick Response

Count on Orbit Electrical Toronto for a rapid and reliable response to your electrical challenges. Our quick response team is always ready to address urgent issues promptly and efficiently.

Our Services

Power up your life with our electrical services!

At Orbit Electrical Toronto, we don’t just fix wires; we illuminate spaces, energize homes, and power up your life. Our expert electricians are dedicated to delivering top-notch electrical services, ensuring your world is brilliantly lit and seamlessly connected. Choose Orbit Electrical Toronto for a brighter, safer, and more empowered living experience!

New Builds Electrical Contractors

Build your new place with Orbit Electrical Toronto by your side. We're experts at making sure every wire we put in sparks a home that's efficient and dependable from the start to finish.

Industrial Electrical Installations

For your industry needs, count on Orbit Electrical Toronto for strong and reliable electrical setups. We create solutions that keep your workplace running smoothly and efficiently.

Renovations & Rewiring

Give your home a fresh start with Orbit Electrical Toronto. Our experienced team knows how to update your place with new wiring, blending modern features with timeless style.

Lighting Design & Installation

Brighten up your space with Orbit Electrical's lighting magic. We create designs that not only light up rooms but also make them feel cozy and welcoming.

Project Management

Let Orbit Electrical Toronto handle the tricky parts of your electrical projects. We're here to guide your ideas from the beginning to the end, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Vehicle Charging

Charge up for the future with Orbit Electrical Toronto. We make sure your journey is smooth and green with our efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging installations.

Powering progress together - Electrifying your world

At Orbit Electrical Toronto, we believe in a shared journey towards progress. With every wire we connect and every project we illuminate, we’re dedicated to electrifying your world and contributing to a future where innovation and efficiency go hand in hand!


Powering progress together - Electrifying your world

Pricing Plans

Power up your savings with our flexible pricing plans!

At Orbit Electrical Toronto, we not only light up your space but also brighten your budget. Our flexible pricing plans are tailored to empower you with cost-effective solutions. Experience top-notch electrical services without breaking the bank – because at Orbit Electrical, we believe in lighting up your world while keeping your savings in focus!

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Residential Plan


Industrial Plan


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What Our Clients Say

Discover the Orbit Electrical Toronto experience through the words of our valued clients. Here’s a glimpse into the stories of satisfaction and empowerment shared by those who have entrusted us with their electrical needs. From illuminating homes to powering businesses, our clients’ testimonials speak volumes about the quality, reliability, and personalized service that define Orbit Electrical Toronto!

Our Team

Circuit by circuit, we keep your world moving

At Orbit Electrical Toronto, our team is more than a workforce – we’re your partners in keeping the heartbeat of your home or business pulsating seamlessly. Circuit by circuit, we meticulously navigate the intricacies of your electrical systems, ensuring a reliable and smoothly functioning world for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions by our clients.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our FAQ section to find quick solutions to common queries. Orbit Electrical Toronto is here to clarify the world of electrical services for you. Illuminate your understanding with our concise and helpful responses.

If you experience an electrical emergency, such as a power outage, sparks from sockets, or a burning smell from your electrical system, your safety is paramount. Immediately turn off the main power if possible and safe to do so. Do not touch any electrical equipment or wiring. Evacuate the area if you suspect any immediate danger and call emergency services or a licensed electrician right away to address the hazard.

It is generally not recommended to perform your own electrical repairs or installations unless you have the proper training and certifications. Electrical work can be extremely dangerous and must comply with local codes and regulations. For safety and legal reasons, it is best to hire a licensed and insured electrician to conduct any electrical work in your home or business.

Your electrical system should be inspected at least once every 3 to 5 years for a residential property and more frequently for commercial or industrial properties, or as suggested by a licensed electrician. Properties with older wiring or those that have had significant alterations or additions may require more frequent inspections.

Minor repairs cost as little as $50 to $100, while extensive installations or whole-house rewiring can run into thousands of dollars. The cost of electrical services varies depending on the complexity of the job, the materials required, the rates of the electrician, and regional labor costs.

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