Introducing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Your Home

As electric vehicles (EVs) shift from a novel concept to a common sight on our roads, many homeowners are considering the next step in EV ownership: installing a home charging station. Not just a substantial convenience, a home charging station is a statement towards a sustainable future. Orbit Electrical, with our mandate of powering progress, offers insights on what you need to kickstart your at-home charging experience. 

Why a Home EV Charging Station?

Charging at home is usually more convenient and often cheaper than relying on public charging networks. It provides the confidence of a full battery each morning, which is essential for daily commutes and reduces range anxiety. Additionally, home charging typically utilizes off-peak power rates, saving money on electricity bills.

Installation Considerations

Before delving into the world of EV charging stations, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors:

  1. Electrical Capacity: Your current home electrical system must be able to handle the additional load of an EV charger. Older homes might require an upgrade to their electrical panel or service capacity.

  2. Charger Type: There are various levels of EV chargers, with Level 2 chargers being the most common for residential use. These units are faster than the standard Level 1 chargers but may require specific electrical conditions to function optimally.

  3. Location: You’ll need to decide on the best spot for the charger — usually near where you park your car — and consider the distance from the electrical panel to minimize installation costs.

  4. Permits and Regulations: Your city or municipality may have specific codes, standards, or required permits for installing an EV charger, and it’s important to comply with these requirements.

The Installation Process

The installation should be performed by a professional electrician to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Orbit Electrical’s team of licensed electricians can assess your home’s electrical capacity, recommend the correct charger, and handle every aspect of the installation process, including:

– Assessing the proposed location for the charger.

– Upgrading the electrical panel if required.

– Installing a dedicated circuit for the EV charging station.

– Ensuring the installation complies with all electrical codes and safety standards.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Once installed, EV charging stations require minimal maintenance. However, routine checks are advised to ensure the unit and its connections remain safe and operational. Our team is always on hand to provide support and service should you need it. 

Cost Implications

The cost of installing an EV charger can vary depending on the chosen system, any necessary upgrades to your home’s electrical infrastructure, and local labor rates. Before initiating the project, we will provide a clear, detailed estimate so there are no surprises.

Elevate Your EV Experience with Orbit Electrical

Embracing electric vehicle technology is a commendable move toward eco-friendly living. Adding a home charging station amplifies that commitment, marrying convenience with conscious living. If you’re ready to power up your green transportation and install an EV charging station, Orbit Electrical is here to provide the expertise you need. 

Contact us at 647-697-8523 or visit our website to learn more about our EV charging installation services and to schedule a consultation. Let’s electrify the future, one home at a time.