The Homeowner’s Guide to Electrical Inspections

When it comes to home maintenance, electrical systems often don’t capture the attention they deserve. Many homeowners pay close attention to their garden, roofing, and even plumbing, yet the electrical system—essential for a comfortable, functional home—is sometimes overlooked. At Orbit Electrical, we want to remind you why regular electrical inspections are critical to your family’s safety and your home’s integrity.

Why Are Electrical Inspections Necessary?

Safety: This is, without a doubt, the primary reason. Faulty wiring or malfunctioning electrical systems are leading causes of household fires. An inspection can uncover if any part of your system is overloading, which could potentially avert disaster.

Compliance: With changing building codes and standards, an inspection ensures that your home’s electrical system complies with all current regulations.

Efficiency: An inspector can spot inefficiencies within your system and suggest ways to save on energy costs. This could include advice on energy-saving appliances or fixtures.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional has scrutinized your electrical system, and that you are not harboring any hidden electrical faults, brings immense comfort.

When Should You Get an Electrical Inspection?

Upon Purchasing a Home: Before you close the deal, it’s crucial to know the state of the electrical system. Orbit Electrical can provide a thorough pre-purchase inspection.

After a Major Storm: If your area experiences severe weather, such as lightning or windstorms, it’s wise to have your system checked for potential damage.

Renovations: If you’re planning to remodel your home, especially if it involves adding to or altering the existing electrical system, an inspection is a must both before and after the work is completed.

Every 3-5 Years: For standard upkeep, a professional inspection of your home’s electrical system should be done every few years, or more frequently for older homes.

What Does An Electrical Inspection Entail?

An electrical inspection by Orbit Electrical will include a comprehensive review of your entire electrical system. Our licensed electricians will:

– Ensure your electrical panels are not overloaded.

– Check that all electrical work meets the standards of the Canadian Electrical Code.

– Inspect wiring and fixtures for signs of wear.

– Test safety devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

– Review grounding systems, surge protectors, and GFCI/AFCI outlets.

– Evaluate the overall condition and safety of the system.

Post-Inspection: What Happens Next?

Once the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report. If we find issues, we will offer solutions and prioritize them based on urgency. Whether you need immediate repairs or can plan for future upgrades, you’ll have the knowledge to proceed confidently.

At Orbit Electrical, we’re committed to powering up your life safely and efficiently. Don’t underestimate the importance of regular electrical inspections. Keep your home, your possessions, and your loved ones safe.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at 647-697-8523 or visit our website at today. Let us help you live with peace of mind, knowing that your electrical system is not just functional, but safely up to code.

Remember, with Orbit Electrical – you’re not just powering up your home; you’re powering up your life with unmatched expertise.